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 News in english
Slashdot  - "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters".

LXer  - is a frequently updated Linux news site with a "minimum of advertisements".  - provides comprehensive coverage of development, legal, commercial, and security issues.

Linux Insider  - Real-Time Linux News and Information from Around the World.

Linux-Pro-Magazine Online News  - Linux News from the Linux-Pro-Magazine.

Linux Today  - combines news, contributions from industry leaders, and case studies.

Linux PR  - is a website for organizations to publish press releases to the enormous market that is the Linux community. Linux PR is backed by the resources of Linux Today and is offered at no charge. News  - "Linux NEWS From Linux Online".  - Linux news, FreeBSD news, OpenBSD news, NetBSD news, GNU/Hurd news, etc.  - The goal is to give you all of the resources and information you need to make your experience with Linux a scucess.

Linux World  -'s center for everything Linux and open source.  - The latest news & announcements about Linux in embedded applications.

O'Reilly Network: Linux DevCenter  - Linux & Open Source Development.  - is a useful page for catching up on Linux news.

Debian-news  - is about one simple thing -- news about Debian GNU/Linux and the top free distributions based on Debian GNU/Linux. Currently that means news about Debian GNU/Linux, Danm Small Linux, MEPIS and KNOPPIX.

openSUSE News  - brings news about the openSUSE project, the community program sponsored by Novell. News  - The latest announcements & news about Linux on the Desktop.

LinuxPlanet  - "A Guide to the Linux Operating System".

Linuxsecurity - News.

SecurityFocus - News.

FootNotes  - Gnome Desktop News.

KDE News  - the KDesktop Enviroment - Latest News.  - "Exploring the Future of Computing".

CNET  - Technology News.

FreeBSD News.

 ... in deutsch 
Pro-Linux Nachrichten  - neueste Nachrichten und die besten Tipps zum Thema Linux in deutscher Sprache.

Linux Magazin - News  - neueste Linux Nachrichten praesentiert vom Linux Magazin.

Linux-Community  - News, Interviews, Diskussionen.

OSZine  - deutschsprachiges Open Source Magazin. OSS  - richtet sich an Profis, die einen tieferen Einblick in die IT-Branche gewinnen moechten.

LIVE  - Neuigkeiten praesentiert vom LInux-VErband.

Linux-Events  - hier finden Sie eine Übersicht an aktuellen Konferenzen und Kongressen zu den Themen Linux und Open Source.
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